Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm sitting in my good friend Warren's apartment in Washington DC just several blocks from the White House and in an hour and a half an exciting moment arrives; I will get the first chance to meet the 35 or so other Peace Corps volunteers who will be in my group going to Zambia with me. Today we will meet at a hotel near the naval observatory and begin the Staging process. Tomorrow morning we get lots of shots (fun!) and by tomorrow evening we will be on a 15 hour flight (more fun!) to Johannesburg, South Africa. A quick layover, another two hour flight and we'll touch down in Lusaka, the capitol of Zambia. As long as those flights will be it is a remarkably short time to travel to a place that will be so different and I'll only just be beginning to adjust even as the jet lag wears off after a couple of days.

Once in Zambia my group and I will travel to a small town and village a little ways east of Lusaka to begin our nine weeks of language, technical, health and culture training. During that period I will be living in a home-stay. I've heard that the home-stay is often volunteer's favorite part about their entire service because of the strong connections they make with their host family and I am really looking forward to meeting the family I'll be living with.

I've spent a great last couple of days visiting Sam and Ashley in NY and Warren, Jill, Michel, Cameron and Jess in DC. Before that I was the emotional and slightly bittersweet goodbyes to family and friends in Seattle including an amazing goodbye party (see facebook for pictures) that included a hilarious 75% life size Kevin.


  1. I get blogs now. (zooming into the 21st century.) It's great to get news from you. Take your malaria medicine! Call/email as soon as you get a phone. Did the adapter/charger arrive in DC? Did you get a international phone card? So many questions, so much distance. Can't wait to hear from you.

  2. I'm zooming right behind you Joan. So what do you want in the packages? We're standing by.

  3. John said...
    Kevin,How awesome . . . my thoughts and prayers will be with you . . . and although my appreciation for living in the United States has multiplied exponentially as I have gotten older; the excitement, adventure and the actual physical (and potentially the emotional & spiritual) difference you could make, leaves me envious of your excursion. The timing in your life allowing you the ability to make such a commitment coupled with the promise of a better tomorrow with our new Administration, additionally leads me to live by proxy through your journey. I know our family is proud of you and the work you’ll be doing in a much needed community. Please let us know your ‘wish’ list of things needed and perhaps we can cooperatively send items your way? Please include items not acceptable to send (ex. No food items)? Thanks for including us on your mission and look forward to hearing from you as often as you post! John O’Connor family, AZ

  4. I'm embarrassed to be days behind discovering the blog! Do big things, young man.
    (Sorry to ruin the adults only commenting(just kidding(hope you had a good time on Ye Olde Seaboard)))