Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of these days i'll sit down and write a long letter to all my good friends

So I stole this information from another blog and put my name on it but this is a good way to get in touch with me. Other good ways: send me and email or facebook message, both of which I will be able to check, somewhat irregularly.

Ok here is my mailing address for the entire time I am in Zambia:

Kevin Means, PCV
Peace Corps/Zambia
BOX 50707

If you choose to send me packages (and you should choose to do that) through DHL or something other than the US postal service you should use this address:

Kevin Means, PCV
US Peace Corps/Zambia
71B Chitemwiko Road
Kabulonga, Lusaka

and the Peace Corps Zambia phone number is 260 1 260377 and it may be needed to send packages. Padded envelopes are reccomended for packages.

Also they suggest you write AIR MAIL on the letters


  1. sweetlife! safe travels! we miss ya already but good to know there will be some bloggin to look forward to

  2. I second that! Miss you so much!!! I'm going to go hug the lifesize in a day or two...:)